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Orange County Partnership Receives 5 Prestigious Marketing Awards

The Orange County Partnership is pleased to announce it has recently received five prestigious awards for creative and innovative marketing.
Graphic Design USA recognized the Partnership’s in-house marketing talent, led by Marketing Director Sarah Brosnan, and contracted marketing agency, AJ Ross Creative Media, with two Design Awards that distinguish the organization among its peers for meeting challenges and developing the ultimate value of their marketing effort to the businesses affected.

The Partnership’s 2013 Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) postcard received Graphic Design USA’s Design and Marketing Award. The purpose of the BR&E program is to help businesses solve problems and meet challenges to encourage expansion leading to sustainable job growth. The postcard helped local businesses gain awareness of available resources and encouraged the development of collaborative relationships to better meet long-range retention and expansion goals.

The Partnership was awarded another Design Award for its 2013 Annual Report, “The Power of Diversification.” This publication chronicled the diversity of business clusters that have evolved and expanded within Orange County, including distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, and food and beverage.

In addition, the New York State Economic Development Council awarded the Partnership its “Best of Class Award Development Brochure” and the “Best of Class Award Printed and Electronic Newsletter” in recognition of the organization’s quarterly newsletter, “Resources & Results.” Finally, the Council conveyed a Certificate of Excellence in the Marketing and Promotional Materials competition for the Partnership’s 2013 Annual Report.

Maureen Halahan, President & CEO of the Orange County Partnership stated, “The entire Partnership team knows the importance of conveying a clear and concise message about the value of doing business in Orange County and the potential for growth here. Our marketing team excels in capturing the essence of that message.”

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