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Partnership Sheds Light on Energy Issues, Opportunities

The Orange County Partnership held a highly informative program on Nov. 17 that focused on the current energy industry and the opportunities and issues that lie ahead in the years to come.


An expert panel at the “Light the Way to our Future” event discussed utility programs that can offer savings to business as well as regulatory issues that could impact energy capacity and energy usage in Orange County in the future.


The event held at West Hills Country Club, which was also streamed live on the Partnership’s Facebook page, featured panelists: Anthony Campagiorni, vice president of customer services and gas operations, Central Hudson; Bob Loughney, partner, Couch White; Paul Haering, vice president of capital investment, New York Transco; and Adam Boese, president, Daylight Savings Company.


To access the full video recording of the session, go to: