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Back on Track: Progress Post-COVID Shut Down

With the Mid-Hudson poised to enter phase four of the state’s reopening process by July 7, the Orange County Partnership reports that developers have once again assembled work crews to commence construction and dusted off plans for significant projects that will bring much-needed investment dollars, tax revenue and good paying jobs to the county.


Kaitlynn Perez, Economic Development Specialist for the Orange County Partnership, shared that the economic development organization’s pipeline of projects is filling up once again as investors look to take advantage of the county’s prime location and quality of life.


Construction work at the $500-million LEGOLAND New York Resort in Goshen has resumed in earnest with more than 100 construction workers currently employed at the site. Work on the park was halted in March when New York-on-Pause restrictions were first imposed. Construction on the infrastructure and new Exit 125 on Route 17 was allowed to continue during the shutdown since it was considered essential by New York State. The new schedule for the opening of the resort is slated for Spring 2021.


Another high-profile development in Goshen—Amy’s Kitchen—is back on track after shutdown due to COVID-19. Work on the $150-million project has ramped up after being slowed down due to COVID-19 restrictions, with an anticipated opening in late 2021/early 2022.


The newest projects to secure approvals—Medline and Amazon—in Montgomery involve in excess of 2 million square feet of new development and approximately $200 million in investment and are now actively underway.