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  • Orange County Partnership Vice President of Business Attraction, Conor Eckert discussing current Attraction & Expansion projects in the pipeline.
  • Thank you to Crown Castle for sponsoring our Winter Quarterly Project Meeting. Pictured Above: Grant Preston, Commercial Account Executive for Crown Castle

Orange County Partnership Briefs Investors on 2023 Project Pipeline

The Orange County Partnership recently briefed county and municipal officials and investors on the ‘robust” pipeline of development, business attraction and retention projects in the first quarter of 2023.


The Winter Quarterly Project Meeting held at City Winery on March 9th  in Montgomery featured a detailed report by the Partnership staff on a robust pipeline of projects that are advancing, despite the economic headwinds.


“We have a significant pipeline of both expansion and attraction projects seeking sites in Orange County. Developer activity remains strong as tenant demand increases,” said Orange County Partnership President and Chief Executive Officer Maureen Halahan.


The Orange County Partnership reported that it is working on 38 possible attraction leads. A total of 18 projects involve manufacturing companies, another eight are engaged in distribution, five are tourism-related and four are hospitality proposals. The total potential new jobs connected with the pending attraction leads total more than 3,750 positions.


In terms of business expansions, the Partnership has 25 pending projects, including 10 manufacturing firms, seven tourism and four distribution-related endeavors. The total new and retained jobs involved with these projects totals another more than 2,185 positions.


Some of the highlights from the presentation include:


·       The county is enjoying diverse industry activity with a focus on manufacturing and clean technology.


·       New project leads center in the fields of food production, clean energy product development and tourism/recreation.


·       Tenant demand remains high.


·       New business parks are planned to become public over the next few weeks that are located in the southern and northern portions of the county.


·       The Partnership advised that companies utilize the services of the Orange County Partnership as a tool for enhanced client experience and risk mitigation and wayfinding/navigation of the complexities.


The sponsors of the Winter QPM session were Brown & Weinraub and Crown Castle.