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  • Melissa A. Cobuzzi, President & CEO of M&R Energy Resources Corporation

Community Solar = Lower Electric Bills and Renewable Energy

Does your home or qualifying business participate in community solar? 


When we ask electric consumers this question, we receive a myriad of responses. 

  • My roof is too small.
  • My roof is facing the wrong direction.
  • My property is shaded by trees.
  • I cannot afford the installation cost.
  • I do not have the land for solar.
  • I rent or lease my home or building. 


Our answer to all these comments is “You are the perfect candidate for community solar." 


Confused? Of course, you are, everything you have ever learned about solar includes one or all the above qualifiers. The minute one hears the word “solar” that is all you hear even when paired with any word including “community solar." 


So, why do you qualify for community solar when you don’t have a rooftop or land? Because community solar is locally produced solar for the community. You do not physically consume the power at your residence or business you become a subscriber to a solar field. As a subscriber, you share in the credit that is created when the solar power is sold to your local utility. 


This credit is typically 10% of the solar credit received, which is applied directly to your utility bill. Some solar developers even offer an additional enrollment incentive or referral fee when you subscribe.   


Electricity costs are currently at historical highs and there are few opportunities to reduce your utility bills. Community solar provides utility savings while also contributing to New York State’ renewable initiative to be 70% green by 2030.  It benefits your utility cost and the environment with no downside. 


If you are interested, then act quickly because these solar projects fill with subscribers quickly. When these projects are full it may take as much as a year for another project to come online. 


Here is a recent case study where we assisted the City of Middletown in Saving $10,250 per year with Community Solar Enrollment:


The City of Middletown, NY is saving on its electric costs and helping the environment through its subscription to New York’s community solar program. Ampion Renewable Energy, a community solar company, connected Middletown to a clean energy subscription from a hyper-local solar farm, and Middletown has saved $12,000 to date on electric costs since starting its subscription with Ampion.  


Ampion enrolled Middletown’s municipal load in a clean energy subscription based on its non-demand meters, which represents a portion of its energy consumption costs. The City’s non-demand subscription amounts to approximately 680,000 kWh of annual clean energy production. That’s equivalent to planting around 8,000 trees or avoiding CO2 emissions from 54,000 gallons of gasoline.  


“We’re very pleased to be taking part in New York’s community solar program with Ampion,” said Joseph DeStefano, Middletown’s Mayor. “The City of Middletown is saving money and reducing its bottom-line costs each month while putting sustainability at the forefront.”  


The City subscribed to a local community solar farm on South Centerville Road, which is not only helping Middletown save money on its municipal electricity load, but also helping the environment and supporting local clean energy jobs. Community solar farms like the one the City is subscribed to connect to the local Orange & Rockland electric grid, lower the grid’s reliance on fossil fuels, and directly contribute to New York’s goal of reaching 70% renewable energy by 2030.  


The City of Middletown was referred to Ampion by M&R Energy Resources, an energy consulting company based in Cornwall, NY, to help the city meet its sustainability goals and reduce energy costs. 


“Community solar is one of the best ways to access meaningful savings and relief in the face of mounting electricity costs, while also supporting green energy in the Hudson Valley,” said Melissa Cobuzzi, CEO & President of M&R Energy. “It’s a benefit for our clients and the environment.  We highly recommend it to all our qualifying clients.” 


New York residents, businesses, and municipalities can sign up for community solar and receive a subscription to clean energy produced by the solar farm that matches their monthly electricity usage. Subscribers receive a monthly credit - at a fixed 10% discount - for the clean energy produced by their share of the solar farm, which nearly or completely offsets their electric costs on their utility bill. Visit for more information or to sign up.  



Where to start:


The Department of the Public Service Commission has the resources you need to find a Community Solar project in your area: 

Find a Community Solar Project - NYSERDA 




About M&R Energy Resources: 

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